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While IB CAS relies on students self-motivation to plan and engage in projects and activities themselves we also like to ensure that for each of the CAS areas, creative, active and service, we provide students with opportunities to have a go at things that they may not normally consider trying.

With this in mind for each of the CAS areas we set up led sessions or projects that all students can engage with. For the active section we take full advantage of our rural and coastal surroundings with challenging outdoor activities like kayaking and rock climbing. For the service section we take students to local primary schools to deliver lessons and talks on their countries and cultures.

This term students are focusing on creative and we have arranged for our photography club leader, Chris Leishman, to come in to run creative sessions with a difference.

Many of the students know Chris from Clik club our creative photography but if they expected a photography sessions they were in for a surprise.

They walked into the session to find the strangest collection of things in front of them from a plastic box full of uncooked rice, a pair of shoes, a drill and lots lots more. In front of them was a large monitor with a laptop attached. Confused? They were.

They were going to create sound effects for a short piece of animation famous in Britain called Wallace and Gromit but First they experimented with the sounds a little. So one of the students walked for a short distance and then coming to a stop he pulled his neck as if to stretch it. It was amazing how well the effects worked.

It was now time to start thinking about the animation they would create the sounds for. They watched the piece a few times over listening carefully to the sound effects on the animation and were then asked to think about the sounds and what they could use from all the items in front of them to recreate those sounds.

Once they had decided on the best items to use they began to add them to the film with the sound down. After a bit of practice and a few takes they were finally ready to record the sound over the movie.

The result really was amazing and it was difficult to tell the difference between the original and the groups version. Incredible to see how easy it is to be creative in so many different ways. Last year students did a photography project this year something totally different. What’s important is that students are learning the fun of being creative, thinking creative and working together.


  1. thank you to give us more information about what our child do in hi study.
    Arts class in Italy is very different.
    So to stimulate in creativity is very important for me.
    So I will read the blog always.
    My son does not tell much.
    Thank you and work well.
    mother of Jacopo

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