Getting a Taste of Hult and London

I am Crystal (Yi Seul) Park. I am from South Korea and I will be doing IB year 2 next year at EF Academy New York. I did an internship in London for two weeks which was from June 19th to June 30th. My work started from 9 am to 5 pm and I had an hour break for lunch. During these two weeks, I worked in the reception of Hult International Business School. I learned how to deal with phone calls professionally for those people who have any questions about the school. Therefore, my major task was to connect them to the particular department that they were looking for such as admission, finance or visas. In order to complete this appropriately, I was responsible with acquainting myself with the extension code of each department because this was one of the most significant tasks since it is the primary communication between the school and people including students and parents. I also learned how to use different kind of programs that are being used to regulate a university such as registering parcels for students and staffs. I have done some excel work as well which was creating students’ profiles who were rotating to different campuses in different countries. This is one of the benefits of choosing Hult International Business School that they can study in different countries for each year such as: London, Dubai, Shanghai, San Francisco and Boston. My manager Maude was always with me whenever I had any questions or was stuck with something, so I would like to say a special thanks to her. I had a chance to watch how a campus tour works for those students who want to visit the campus before they actually start their school. I met a lot of professors and undergraduate students as I was staying at the front desk the whole time and they gave me advice with deciding my major. I was about to sit in on a class, however; unfortunately, all classes were over since the semester was ended. So the campus was actually very quiet during the second week.

After work, I spent some time touring around the city. It was my first time coming to a European country so I was very excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Furthermore, it was kind of hard for me to understand the British English. If you are coming to London, I would recommend you to buy an oyster card for subways and buses. Unlike America, subways in London are very clean and well organized that it was easy to find my way. Also, there is a helper in every gate, so if you are not sure where to go then you can just ask them. With Google maps, I could go everywhere. I found many good restaurants and the best ones were Chicken Shop and Burger&Robster. Moreover, the places that I liked the most were the Tower Bridge and Covert Garden. The Tower Bridge was always crowded at night. The weather surprised me because the first week was very hot but the second week was extremely cold.

The overall experience was great. I was able to gain a real working experience and reflect on myself through spending time on my own.

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