Precious Internship Opportunity in Korea

Catherine Feng is a Chinese IB student at EF Academy New York. Catherine chose to spend two weeks in Seoul, Korea, as an intern at the EF Academy Admissions Office. It was a special opportunity for her to explore how a real office setting looks like and be more prepared for further life experience. Besides, she had the opportunity to work closely with members of the marketing, sales and finance teams. Read on to find out what she gained from this unique experience:


It is very different when you get into the office and work there than what you could have imagined. The first thing I learned is to dress formally, which shows your respect to the workplace. In addition, if you work in the Education sector, you not only acquire knowledge but learn everything. I am glad that I had the chance to experience all of this this summer, before I got into university, since I thought working in a marketing team and taking business management for my major in university. Moreover, some experiences I gained from this trip is what I had never got from class.

Why did I choose to go to Korea? A lot of my friends and family asked me. One of the reasons is because I thought Korea has one of the top universities in Asia. Also, I am curious aboout how those universities in Korea are since they would be one of my choices in the foreseeable future. That is why I was there. In addition, one of the majors I want to take in the future is business management, so I think working with a real marketing team would give me the idea of what I may confront in the future. Instead of staying in the hotel, I went around the city after work. I have been to the Ewha Woman’s University, Hongik University and Seoul National University.

Even though I am just a high school student, and have only taken one business course, the first work I have received was an SWOT Analysis for EF Academy. It was not too hard for me to do, however, as a student who has studied in the campus, I knew more about the school life than others. After I showed my work, I got some feedback from Mr. Kim. He was always a great teacher since he pointed out my mistakes and fixed them. He taught me a lot in terms of life and work experience. Also during those two short weeks, I met Mr. Dohrman, who was the Business teacher at EF Academy New York. He came here to give classes to the students and parents. I joined his business class twice, and learned more business concepts. Also another member of the team was Natalie, who was really good at using all kinds of marketing tools. I learned a lot from her as well.  After all of this, I learned that communication and inter-personal skills are important for any kind of occupation.

Actually, an internship is significant to those who want to get into university or find a job. You may get a hint about how it is working in a real office or get the probable idea of how the major you want to attempt is like and if it fits you or not. I highly recommend junior students to try an internship before the senior year. You may not be able to imagine what benefit you might gain from this, but it is worth it. At the end, I appreciate that I had the opportunity for this internship and  would like to thank those who helped me during the internship, especially Mr. Kim, Natalie and Mr. Dohrman.

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