Life as an Intern in Hong Kong

Ever wonder how EF makes their brochures, flyers, posters, booklets, guides, magazines, and newspapers? All these amazing and cool materials are made at EF creative studios at EF Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Boston. These are the only three locations in the world where EF brochures are made.

Hi, my name is Pawita but I go with Bella. I’m going to be Senior (IB year-2) this September at EF Academy New York. I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand and I did a two-week internship at the EF office in Hong Kong with the creative team.

I have been to Hong Kong several times (since it’s super close to Thailand) for traveling a few days. But this time was special, I was no longer a tourist but rather working at an office. The office is located in Causeway Bay, the busiest and most expensive area in Hong Kong. If you can’t imagine how it’s like, just think about New York City and you will get an idea.

During the two-week internship, I experienced so much and did a good number of tasks. Now I know how it feels like to actually work in an office. At the EF Hong Kong office, there are about 100-200 employees here. Of course, I’m the youngest. The building that EF is located in is called Times Square. The first seven floors are a shopping center and from floors 8 to 30 is the office.

My office hours were from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. I woke up 8 AM and walked from the hotel to the office, which was only about 10-20 mins walking. I got new tasks every day (I tried to finish it day-by-day, that’s why I got new ones every day). Each day was different. There’s all sorts of work out there that need help with. I have done watcha packing video (link will be shared in the next coming weeks), translations, video recordings, checking the EF EPI booklet, HULT booklet checking, interviewing other interns, HULT guide map, and much more that I can’t remember. One of the skills that I learned are collaborative skills. I know age might be a gap between employees here and as an intern you might feel nervous when it’s your first time in the office to do work (at least I felt that way), but don’t worry – everyone here is nice and welcoming. The internship was a fun experience. You get to travel and work at the same time. Isn’t that cool?

Lastly, if you ever have a chance to do internship (volunteering, traveling, or a summit), I strongly encourage everyone to go for it. It’s a fun experience that you will never forget.

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